Tips for Protecting Your Home During A Move

When you’re undergoing a move in Canada, whether locally or hiring long-distance movers, you are probably concerned about your belongings. While it’s essential to consider the items of your home that are being moved, it’s equally as important to think about the things that aren’t being transferred. Since 1975, Winnipeg Moving has served as a top moving and storage company in Canada. We’re proud to offer our clients a wide variety of solutions that fit their moving needs. After so many years of providing exceptional services, we’ve earned several awards and recognitions, including members of the Canadian Movers Association and more. Even more than just offering moving services, we’re proud to provide advice on how to keep items of your home protected. Follow these tips and tricks to ensure a damage-free move to your home.

Keep Your Lawn Protected

As one of the first things that people see when visiting your home, the lawn is essential—and with a moving company stepping through it, you’ll want to keep it protected. Designate a pathway that you wish the moving team to use when entering to and from your home. On top of this, move or save the following items:
  • Lawn Statues
  • Ornaments
  • Bird Feeders

Protect Your Floors

Ensure that your carpeted areas are well protected to keep the floors from scratching or damage. Consider asking the moving company to lay down particleboard for your hardwoods.

Consider Your Doorways and Banisters

Residential movers will be cautious of these, but you should also do what you can to protect them. You can cover them with heavy towels or blankets to reduce the risk of scratches, chipping, or other breakages.

Keep You Windows and Wall Decorations Safe

Often, wall decorations are one of the most treasured assets of a home. Before any heavy lifting starts, consider removing wall decorations and covering windows with blankets.

Protect Against Spills

Ensure all liquids and powders are adequately sealed and put away before the moving company arrives. This is also an excellent opportunity to clean house of anything that you no longer need. Check under the sink; if you find expired liquid or powders, take this chance to go ahead and dispose of them.

Keep Your Garage Floor Safe

Even though garage floors are designed for durability, you still want to keep them protected. Make sure to remove any oils or gasoline in your garage to prevent the risk of a spilling accident.

Get in Touch with the Local Experts

If a move is coming up on your horizon, consider these tips and tricks to keep your home in excellent condition during the moving process. If you’re still seeking an exceptional moving and storage company in Canada, partner with Winnipeg Moving. Give us a call or fill out the online form for your free estimate.
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