Tips for Moving With Pets

When planning to relocate to a new destination, you will need to consider how to move your pets. Having pets can make your relocation experience stressful if you don’t have the right plan. As a professional moving company, we have helped customers provide stress-free relocation for their pets. This article will provide actionable tips that you can use when moving with pets.

Find a Sitter for Your Pet for Local Moves

If you are moving locally, you can arrange to have a sitter watch your pets while you coordinate the relocation. Moving requires your full attention, so having someone watch your pets at their home for the day can help provide a smoother experience. If you don’t have a family member or friend available to watch your pets, you can use a local pet daycare service.

Have Your Pet’s Favorite Toy & Treats Ready

Pets can be stressed by the sudden change in routine that moving to a new location can cause them. If possible, keep your pet’s toys and treats with them to comfort them during the trip. Moving pets with their items can help to ease stress as they are familiar with the toys and treats.

Have Enough Pet Supplies For Long Distance Travel

When planning a relocation, you should adjust your pet supplies to match the distance of the move. If you are moving across the country, you should pack far more of your pet’s supplies than a local move. As a precautionary measure, you should pack more than you think you would need to ensure you don’t run out of supplies on the road.

Research Local Veterinarians in Advance

As part of your research when moving, you should find local veterinarians nearby your next residence. Having a trusted veterinarian in your contacts can help to ease potential medical emergencies with your pets. If your pet needs medical assistance shortly after arriving, you can schedule an appointment immediately and reduce the risks.

Check Local Regulations Regarding Exotic Animals

If you own exotic pets, you should inform yourself of your state’s regulations for moving animals. Some states require registrations or notices when moving certain animals across state lines. Avoid paying any penalties or facing criminal charges by learning about what your new state allows for transport.
Some of the most commonly banned and regulated exotic animals in states are:
  • Poisonous Snakes
  • Flying Squirrels
  • Primates

Research Pet Restrictions for International Relocations

Along with local regulations, you must also learn about international relocation restrictions if you are moving abroad. Many countries have pet restrictions when bringing animals into customs. Before moving day, you should know what relocations you can expect. Whether you need to register or quarantine the animal upon arrival, you can find more information on The U.S. Department of Agriculture website.

Aquariums, Terrariums, Habitats & Cages

If your pet requires a habitat, it’s best to consult with your local moving company for assistance. While small habitats can generally be packed into a standard moving box, you may have issues packing a large structure. A professional local or long-distance mover will help to protect the habitat with padding and custom crating solutions.

Pet Shipping Companies

For long-distance or international relocations, moving with a pet can seem like a complicated process. Working with a specialized pet shipping company removes the hassle of moving your pets by working with experienced movers. A professional pet shipping company will ensure your pets arrive safely and meet local regulations for the move.

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