Tips for Handling a Long-Distance Move Within Canada

For many Canadians, a long-distance move within Canada can seem like an intense process, whether you’re relocating from Ontario to Quebec, or crossing the entire country to settle in British Columbia. After Russia, Canada is the second largest nation in the world by landmass, which means that any long-distance move across the provinces is going to be a heavy-duty one, no matter where it is you’re going.

As hectic and chaotic as they can be, interprovincial moves can give you the chance to start fresh, and taking the time to plan a smooth, organized move can help to make the experience a positive one. At Winnipeg Moving, we’ve been helping our neighbors make well-planned and stress-free relocations to new locations throughout Canada and the world. We know what it takes to make a long-distance move within the provinces a success, and we’re excited to share some of our favorite long-distance moving tips with you to help you plan the easiest move possible. 

Creating a Plan

Your moving plan should include a well-planned and scheduled timeline for packing, moving, and arriving at your new destination. It should also include the total budget for the entire move and the logistics for the actual moving day. When moving long-distance, it’s highly recommended that you hire professional long-distance movers to help you organize a carefully-planned moving calendar, for a perfectly executed relocation experience.

Making Arrangements for Your Kids and Pets

If you have children and pets, moving can seem a lot more complicated. Not only will there be more things to pack, but the logistics of your move will become a bit more involved, especially if your children are young. If you can arrange to have your kids stay with relatives or close friends while the moving process is underway, this could help facilitate the process a lot more smoothly.

For pets, moving can be somewhat of an overwhelming process for them. Make sure they’re well secured in a safe area when the movers arrive or when being transferred to the new home, as many pets can become nervous or frightened and escape during the moving process. If possible, arrange to have a pet shipping service provide secure transport to the new home, or keep them safe inside a crate or a kennel in your car if you’re driving to your new destination yourself.

Communicate with Your Moving Team

If you are hiring long-distance movers, be sure to arrive before the movers get to your home so that you can direct the movers on where you’d like your things to go. While it may be tempting to meet the new neighbors or to explore your brand-new neighborhood, it’s highly important that you communicate with your movers during the move-in process so that they know where your thing should go. Having your belongings placed correctly from the very beginning will save yourself time in the future, especially for the heavier items that you won’t be able to move by yourself. If possible, or if you can’t be present on the day of the move, find some time beforehand to make a layout for each of the rooms, and put labels on boxes to help the movers know where things should go.

Professional, full-service movers, like Winnipeg Moving, offer comprehensive packing and unpacking, and set-up and installation services for customers who aren’t able to do it themselves. If you’ve chosen a full-service package, make sure that the team you choose to handle your move has been carefully prepped beforehand to understand exactly how you want your home to be set up—especially if you can’t be there yourself.

Simply following the tips shared in this article will help minimize the hassles of a long-distance move. Aside from proper planning and execution, partnering with reliable long-distance movers such as Winnipeg Moving will make this task much easier.

If you’re looking for professionals who can assist you in moving within Canada, we’d love to help. Give us a call to speak with one of our friendly moving specialists today or fill out our online form to schedule a free, in-home consultation and pricing estimate.

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