Packing Tips and Tricks: Tackling the Garage

When it comes to packing for a move, certain areas of the house are bound to pose greater challenges than others. The bedrooms and storage areas can be time-consuming and complicated to sort and pack up, but the kitchen is likely to be the most feared room in the house. However, there’s another area of the home that can be even more complicated to pack than the kitchen—and that’s the garage. The sheer volume of the items inside the average garage—from power tools and bins of miscellaneous items, canned goods, sporting equipment, and so much more—can take forever to pack, and require a lot of planning and preparation to take on. The good news is that with some tips and best practices you can pack up that garage in no time and have one more item crossed off that to-do list. Take a look at this list of helpful tips and tricks for making packing up the garage a breeze—brought to you by your top-rated team of household movers at Winnipeg Moving.

A Quick Guide to Packing Up the Garage

It’s ok to feel nervous about packing the garage. Even the most organized garage can be a hassle to pack up without a solid plan of execution. That’s why we have compiled a list of tips and best practices for you below:
  • Make a Timeline: The easiest way to tackle a large project like the garage is to break it down into smaller parts. You can do this by setting a packing timeline. Break up the garage into quadrants and plan to take on each of those sections week by week (or day by day if you’re on a tight schedule). When you start, you’ll find you’re getting through it a lot quicker than you thought you would.
  • Consider Professional Help: If you’re feeling really intimidated about packing your garage or your entire home, consider reaching out for help. A reputable moving company like Winnipeg Moving can provide full-service moving solutions to facilitate your project—including comprehensive packing services, custom crating, and so much more.
  • Sort and Streamline: Even before you actually start packing, you’ll want to take the time to determine what’s actually going with you to the new place. Most likely, you’ll find a lot of items that can be sold, donated or thrown away, which means even less time and effort spent on packing up the garage.
  • Organize Your Belongings: Once you’ve identified what is coming with you it’s time to sort those items. To make things go faster, sort them by similar size and shape as well as the frequency of use. Determine what will stay in storage and what will be moving inside your new home and group them together accordingly.
  • Use the Right Packing Materials: We can’t stress this enough: make sure to find high-quality packing materials to make your move a lot easier. Many items in the garage are strangely-shaped, heavy, or oversized—so be prepared with a good range of heavy-duty boxes, bubble wrap, and other necessary materials that are sure not to get crushed, break, smash, or fall apart during the relocation.
  • Label Everything: The flip side of packing the garage is unpacking the garage—which can be just as stressful without a plan. Label all boxes, crates, and storage bins so that you and the movers know exactly what’s inside. This will also help you to experience a faster, smoother move and unpacking experience, and to maintain a more organized garage in your new home.
  • Know What’s Allowed: Most moving companies have strict rules against the transportation of combustibles, hazardous materials, and dangerous chemicals. Find out what the policies are for items like lawnmowers, weed eaters, toxic chemicals, batteries, or anything else to see how it should be moved or whether it can be moved at all.

Moving Your Garage and More with Winnipeg Moving

At Winnipeg Moving, we believe that your move should be simple and stress-free from start to finish. That’s why when you choose the household movers that make up our team for the job, you get experts who listen and anticipate your unique moving needs while providing unmatched moving solutions at affordable rates. Ready to connect with our friendly team of Winnipeg movers about your next residential relocation? If so, give our Winnipeg moving company a call to discuss our professional relocation services or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.
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