How to Pack Heavy Items for Moving

Most moving projects, whether they’re local, long-distance, or international relocations, are challenging and complex undertakings. Moves of any size are sure to involve a lot of planning and organization, intense physical work, and plenty of patience, and it’s common to feel stressed and exhausted long before moving day arrives—especially if you’re doing it all by yourself.


While all moving tasks can be quite intense and time-consuming, it can easily be argued that none of them are as daunting as the packing part of the process. Many homeowners dread this task because it demands a lot of time and effort, especially if you need to pack heavy items or other difficult-to-transport belongings.

Winnipeg Moving & Storage is a reliable local moving company that provides professional, full-service packing services for our customers. Since 1986, we’ve worked hard to become one of the most trusted moving companies in the area and are experts in packing the heaviest and most difficult to transport items. While we always encourage others to leave the very heavy lifting to the professionals, learning how to pack moderately heavy items is an important part of the packing process. In this article, we will share with you some essential tips on how to pack heavy items to prepare you for your upcoming household relocation.

Use the Right Packing Supplies

Using the correct supplies to make your move is essential to the process—especially when packing or crating specialty items like your heavy belongings. Some of the packing supplies that you will need include:


  • Sturdy Moving Boxes or Packing Crates: The moving boxes that you should use must be made of durable cardboard in order for them to withstand the weight of your heavy items. If possible, use double-walled cardboard boxes or even plastic or wooden crates for heavy items that are fragile.
  • Thick Wrapping Materials: Use thick blankets or multiple sheets of bubble wrap to provide a cushion.
  • Soft Packing Paper: Packing paper acts as the initial layer of protection before you wrap your items with bubble wrap or blankets. This is especially useful when you pack heavy items’ smaller parts.
  • Professional-Grade Packing Tape: Professional grade packing tape can keep your wrapping materials in place and reinforce your moving boxes.


Prepare Your Moving Boxes

Because we are talking about heavy items here, it is important to ensure that your moving boxes are strong enough to carry the weight. Below are some ways by which you can prepare your moving boxes:

  • Strong, Double-Walled Moving Boxes: The first part is to choose the right type of moving boxes. Double-walled cardboard can handle heavy weight better than regular cardboard boxes.
  • Small Boxes: Use small boxes of 1.5 cubic feet for heavy items and larger ones for lightweight items.
  • Professional-Grade Packing Tape: Use strong packing tape to reinforce the bottom of your moving boxes and prevent it from opening when you lift the box.
  • Crumpled Sheets of Paper: At the inside bottom of your moving boxes, place pieces of bubble wrap or crumpled sheets of paper for greater safety.


Packing Heavy Furniture and Appliances

The following tips can help you transport your heavy furniture and appliances safely and conveniently:


  • Disassemble Your Furniture: Disassemble beds, shelves, tables, dressers, and other furniture to make the pieces lighter.
  • Secure Fragile Parts: Using soft packing paper or bubble wrap, protect fragile parts of your furniture. You may also use thick cardboard for greater protection.
  • Wrap with Blankets: Thick furniture blankets can serve as a cushion and keep your items safe even if they fall or shift during the moving process.
  • Empty Your Furniture and Appliances: While it might seem to make sense to save space by filling storage items with more of your belongings, it’s actually not recommended at all. Dressers, cabinets, drawers, and appliances such as refrigerators and freezers should be completely empty during the moving process.
  • Use Shrink Wrap: Secure the doors of heavy appliances and furniture using shrink wrap.


Your Trusted Professional Movers in Winnipeg

While packing is generally a time-consuming and challenging task, safely transporting heavy items can add to the stress of the process. For most homeowners, the best way to pack heavy items safely and efficiently is by hiring professional movers to handle the packing for them.

Winnipeg Moving & Storage is the most trusted local moving company for all services related to residential, commercial, industrial, or specialized moves. For decades, our team of professional movers has catered to homeowners in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, packing heavy and fragile items with utmost care while our customers take care of other important move-related tasks.

To learn more about our packing services and other offerings, call or email Winnipeg Moving & Storage today. You may also fill out this quick online form to request for a free in-home estimate.

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