5 Important Questions to Ask to Find the Right Moving Company

Moving is a big project and we’re sure that you’ve heard at least one horror story about broken furniture, missing boxes, and generally bad experiences. It’s true, not every so-called professional moving company is cut from the same cloth. Finding the right moving company will take some leg work, here are a few questions to get to know your candidates before you make a commitment.

1.  How Long Has Your Moving Company Been in Business?

The main thing that you’re looking for with this question is some sort of verification that they are an experienced moving company. Most movers will gladly back this question up by offering proof of their experience using customer testimonials, awards, and other significant measures of success.

Tip: Beware of companies that try to redirect your attention instead of answering the question.

2.  What is Your Facility Like?

This question helps verify the legitimacy of the residential moving company. If they have a well-established and verifiable physical place of business, it looks a lot better than a few guys and a rented truck. Many companies will want to direct your attention to their services, focusing on warehouse storage space and other services that they offer and that’s okay as long as the conversation remains helpful.

Tip: Try to visit their place of business before making a commitment and have a look around. A tidy environment is a good sign of professional, diligent service.

3.  How Do You Protect My Property & What Can I Do if There is Damage?

Here’s a question that addresses one of the biggest fears that many people have about hiring a moving company. Essentially, you want to make sure that you’re protected. It’s fairly common for moving companies to offer standard valuation coverage with their moves. However, if you have high-value items, you may consider purchasing additional coverage.

Tip: Ask about options to purchase additional coverage for your high-value items. A good company will proactively ask questions to determine what level of coverage may be necessary.

4.  How Do You Price Your Services?

This one lets you know exactly what you’re paying for and allows you to gauge transparency. Many moving companies will take the time to explain what factors go into their quote process and make suggestions for controlling costs with scalable services. Upselling extra services is also common. Keep in mind that this is their business.

Tip: Make sure that you get any and all pricing quotes in writing. Watch out for companies that mark their quotes as ‘non-binding.’

5.  Do You Have Any Reviews You Can Share?

Good companies with plenty of good feedback will be eager to highlight customer reviews and testimonials, you probably won’t even need to ask for them. These should be prominently featured on their website. This question always goes hand-in-hand with a discussion of industry accolades, awards, and other indicators of success. Make note of those as well, as long as how long it has been since they’ve won their most recent award.

Tip: Be a little skeptical of companies that hesitate to share this information. There may be a reason that they’re trying to disguise.

When it comes to choosing the right moving company, it comes down to finding a company with demonstrated experience and a good track record. But don’t just take their word for it. The internet is ripe with information—both good and bad. Don’t skip an in-person visit or a quick internet search, both can be very telling. Our long-distance movers in Manitoba are here and ready to help you start planning for your next move. Give us a call today.

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