3 Genius Ways to Upcycle Moving Boxes

If you’re keeping up with the latest environmental news, you know that upcycle is the new recycle. Social media is flooded with creative types reworking old and unwanted items into new pieces — from milk-crate bookshelves to stumps transformed into stools. But did you know that your cardboard moving boxes can be the perfect solution to the toughest home organization challenges?


Here’s three ways you can upcycle your moving boxes for home storage … and more!

1.  Use Large Moving Boxes for Big-Ticket Storage Items

No, we’re not suggesting you stack your moving boxes thoughtlessly in your garage. But there are lots of ways to beautify your cardboard crates into fully-functional home storage systems. Moving boxes can be the perfect home for seasonal decorations, shoes, toys, and even pantry items.

But there’s no need to sacrifice style for cost-effective home organization — you can have both! Simply wrap your cardboard boxes in your desired material to achieve an aesthetic that complements your home. Wrapping paper, burlap, and scrapbooking paper are all great choices.

2.  Knick-Knacks a Challenge for Home Organization? Small Moving Boxes Are the Answer!

I think if we’re being honest here, most people have at least one junk drawer that houses loose knick-knacks…and usually it’s a home-storage nightmare you’d rather avoid. Smaller moving boxes can be cut into dividers for your drawers. Simply measure your drawers, cut your boxes as needed, and wrap them in your desired material before popping them into their new home. And thus, we “mourn” the end of scattered hair pins, dental floss, and receipts.

3.  Moving Boxes Make the Perfect “Babysitter!”

Ok, we’re not actually suggesting you leave young children unattended. But if you need a break (and we’re sure that you do after a big move), hand over your moving boxes to the little ones. They’re the perfect castle walls, blanket forts, and school-project creators you could ask for! Trust us, they’ll stay busy for hours. Still left with unused moving boxes from your most recent relocation? The environmentally-conscious moving crews here at Winnipeg Moving can take used boxes in good condition off your hands. Contact us today to find out where you can drop yours off!
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